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You will find eighteen free Therapeutic Activities from these three books that cover a variety of therapeutic topics.

In the
Communication Skills section the activities focus on listening and verbal skills.

Self-Esteem activities provide an avenue for people to share positive traits they possess, as well as giving people the opportunity to compliment others.

The games in the
Teamwork section require a group of people to learn to trust each other and gives each participant the opportunity to take on different leadership roles during the activity. 

Self-Discovery activities allow people to share their thoughts and feelings in a non-threatening manner by using the game as the vehicle for sharing.

The games in the
Coping skills section introduce the idea of using activities as a means for coping and relationship building.

Anger Management games help people see how they currently handle anger and opens the door for discussion on alternative ways to deal with their anger.

In the
Therapy Games section you will find games from our newest book Therapy Games: Creative Ways to Turn Popular Games Into Activities That Build Self-Esteem, Teamwork, Communication Skills, Anger Management, Self-Discovery, and Coping Skills
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104 Activities That Build: Self-Esteem, Teamwork, Communication, Anger Management, Self-Discovery, and Coping Skills
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Click on the Therapy Games button to find free games from our newest book. You will find unique games that use popular board games and other common game items (balls, cards, puzzles, dice) to create a therapeutic experience.
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