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The therapeutic activities found in the pages of our web site can also be found in these exciting books. In each book you will find 104 unique, interactive, and fun activities that can easily be used with most any group!

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104 Activities That Build: Self-Esteem, Teamwork, Communication, Anger Management, Self-Discovery, and Coping Skills
In this exciting book you'll find 104 games and activities for therapist, counselors, teachers and group leaders that teach Anger Management, Coping Skills, Self-Discovery, Teamwork, Self-Esteem and Communication Skills! Every game works as a unique tool to modify behavior, build relationships, start discussions and address issues. Each activity is simple to follow, requires minimal resources, includes helpful discussion questions and of course is interactive and fun!

This is our most popular book with over 100,000 copies sold!

By Alanna Jones
ISBN 0966234138
Paperback -  272 pages
 6 x 9 inch

Complete List of Games
Create a country, Garbage Art, Creative Coloring, Big Shoes, Bid and Build, Bubble Brigade, People Tree, Straw Tower, Scavenger Hunt Switch, Numbers Volleyball, Group Transformation, Cup Stack, Volley Hoop, Candy Reach, One Body, Foot Bridge, Team Score Basketball, Six-Three-One, Over-Under-Through, Jailbreak, Three Hit Volleyball, Paper Tower, Radio Broadcast, Dinner for Two, Sneak a Peek, Lighthouse
Love Line, Glory Story, Campaign Craze, Body Beautiful, Bold Billboard, Marvelous Mobiles, Positive Pride, Same Letter - Different Name, True Talents, King's Throne, The Cost of Sarcasm, Good Graffiti, Storefront, Personalized Plates, To You, But From Who?, Me On the TV, Balloon Bust, Trait Tracing, Flower Petals, Ten Seconds, Three For Me
Story Story, Sounds Around, Mystery Object, Crazy Sentence, Clothespin Count, Dare Directions, Come Follow Me, Crazy Comic, Blind Sculpture, Ducks Fly, Verbal Origami, What's Different? Talk To Me, Secret Word, One-Two-Three Break
Action Emotions, Bare Feet, The Way We Were, Possible Predictions, Creative Cookies, Emotions in Motion, Views, CD Cover, Family Totem Pole, Book About Me, Will Away, Guess the Feeling, Saying Something New, Feelings Shot, Interview, Impressions Relay, Be a Bike, Puppet of Emotions, Big Wind Blows, More Family Sculptures, What's Your GPA?
Moving On, Hidden Heart, Out of Control, The Unfair Game, Big Vs. Small, Body of Anger, Good-Bad and Ugly, Mad Music
100, Resource Scavenger Hunt, Leisure Brochure, Your Time, Pencil Me In, Library Scavenger Hunt, Family Fun Times, Take a TV Break

Where can you find this book?
This book can be found in a number of catalogs, book stores and online bookstores. Here is a list of a few of these places.

From us - Rec Room Publishing LLC
Ingram Books
Baker and Taylor Books
Youth Light, Inc.
Guidance Channel
Western Psychological Services
National Resource Center for Youth Services
Stern's Books
Self-Esteem Shop
Education Media Corporation
Idyll Arbor, Inc.
Brodart Company
Incentive (UK)
Trainers Warehouse
Maple Leaf Books
Midwest Library
DARE Mighty Things
S & S Woldwide
University of Toronto Press
Follett Library

The wRECking Yard of games and activities
The wRECking Yard is Alanna's popular first book that was followed up by 104 Activities That Build. The wRECking Yard contains 104 unique activities that cover the topics of Teamwork, Self-Esteem, Self-Discovery, Leisure Education, Communication, Anger Management and Fitness.
Counselors, teachers, therapist and youth workers across the country have found this book to be a valuable resource that is quickly gaining in popularity!

By Alanna Jones
 ISBN 1882883357
Paperback - 246 pages
6 x 9 inch
$24 (regular price)
Complete List of Games

Mega Mini Golf, Group Banner, Sticky Spaghetti, Create a Game, Three Legged Basketball, Water Carry Challenge, Disability Obstacle Course, Cookie Bake, Blind Obstacle Course, Root Beer Float Lifeboat, Blind Earthball Soccer, Partner Card Tower, Create a Skit, Group Jump Rope, Puzzle Mix, Blind Square Observation, Gift Wrap Challenge, Over Under, Towel Volleyball, Group Hop
Pass It On, Include, Team Leadership, Gift From the Heart, The Good - the Bad and the Ugly Basketball, Butterfly Beginnings, Tattle Tale, Awards and Trophies, Mirror, Label Me, Great Greeting Cards, New Newspaper, Fantastic Frames, Compliment Collage, Negative Comment List, The Unexpected Gift, Not Cool (But Possibly Fun), Quarter Drop, Orange Pass Relay, Marshmallow Find, Spud Swing, Someone Who... Bingo
Goal Group, Sentimental Songs, The Song and I, How I See You - How You See Me, Situation Imitation, Hats, To Make This Box Represent Me, I Would, Family Sculptures, Human Sculptures, Music Medley, Lavish Lyrics, If I Were a Flower, New Role, Unique Qualities
Leisure Theme Collage, Time Switch, Family Activity, Spring Break Plan, Family Fun Map, Activity Alphabet, Leisure Interview, Teach and Learn, One Minute, Interest Sparker, Bored Board
Silent Volleyball (With a Twist), Follow Directions Obstacle Course, Blind Map Walk, Direction Direction, Back to Back, Tactile Telephone, 20 Step Directions, Picture Not So Perfect, Change Challenge, Are You Listening Missing Words
Anger Awareness, Anger Release, Beware Aware, Self-Control Switch, Anger Choice, The Bump Sneak, Knock Out, Creative Competition, Team Croquet, Group Foosball, The Board Game Challenge, Puzzle Race
Why Workout, Feelings Check, Lightning, Pin Soccer, Follow Me, Flying Saucer, Turbo Basketball, Rabbit Hunt, Dynamite Disk Golf, Spider Ball, Pick a Packet, Turbo Games

Where can you find this book?
This book is published by Idyll Arbor, Inc. and can be found in a few catalogs, online bookstores and of course from us but we don't have a complete list of all the places that carry it.

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