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Team-Building Activities and Games
The team-building games found in the pages of our web site can also be found in these exciting books. In each book you will find 107 experiential games and activities to promote team-building in a fun and interactive way.
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Team-Building Activities for Every Group
There are 107 games and activities in the four chapters of this book that help every group "Mix It Up", "Stir It Up", "Team Up", and "Open Up". Each game is fun, easy to use, unique and requires minimal resources. Discussion questions can be found at the end of each "Team Up" and "Open Up" game to help leaders and participants engage in a discussion that creates an enhanced team-building experience for all those involved.
By Alanna Jones
ISBN 0966234162
Paperback - 192 pages
6 x 9 inch
Human Scavenger Hunt, Mingle, Name Tag Grab, Sing a Song, What Can You Do with This?, Personal Trivial, Guess Who, Who Did That!?!, Name Game, ABC Counts 1-2-3, One Common Goal, SALTO, Four Corners, Group Favorites, Name Balloon Pop, Candy Throw
Coop Ball, Marshmallow Soak' Em, Piggyback Tape Pull, Bite the Bag, Newspaper Hockey, Water in the Face, Pass the Present, Pull Up, Pull Off, Toilet Paper Wrap, Team Musical Chairs
All Tied Up, Build It!, Reversal, Group Draw, Pass the Clay!, Bid and Build, Circle Tag, Team Card Tower, Foothold, Big Team Score Basketball, Group Walk, Shoe Pile, Back to Back, Team Four Square, Line Up, Teddy Bear Toss, Piggyback Challenge, Lap Sit, Can Walk, Shake the Sheet, Lighthouse, Group Limbo, Tall Tower, Three-Legged Sports, Twenty-one, Cup Stack, Take the Challenge!, The Great Shoe Tie, Trust Tag, Swamp Crossing, End over End, Knots, Footbridge, Group Skiing, Bowling Pin Touch, Water Transfer, Egg Construction, Blind Square, Sneak-a-Peek, Push and Pull, The Really Big Puzzle, Group Jump Rope, Our Hands Are Tied!, Pile On, Around the Corner, Survival Shopping, Blind Creations, Points of Contact, Puppet Show, Flip, Big Shoes, Crazy Maze, Ice Block Melt, Circle Walk, Earthquake Escape, Balance Me, Motion Machine, Water Carry, Make a Meal, Sign Off, Lifeline, Totem Pole Tower, Sand Castles, Shoe Tie You Bother Me
Who Are You at the Zoo?, Pile of Hats, Group Symbols, Snowball Fight, Shoes and Footprints, Group Sculptures, Bridge, Award Ceremony, Choices, Group Labels, To You but from Who?, Question Cookies, Glory Story, Our House, Be a Light
Where can you find this book?
This book can be found in a number of catalogs, bookstores and online bookstores. An extensive list can be found at the bottom of this page.

More Team-Building Activities for Every Group
As a sequel to the popular book
Team-Building Activities for Every Group, this book contains 107 more games and activities that promote team-building in an interactive and fun way. The games are new, different, experiential, exciting, easy to lead and require minimal resources.
With 61 "Team Up" activities and 46 activities to "Mix It Up", "Stir It Up" and "Open Up", there is something for every group, no matter where they are in the team-building process. The "Team Up" and "Open Up" games come with discussion prompts to help the leader facilitate a group discussion after each activity and increase the level of learning and insight. Each game in the book lists the objectives, materials needed, group size, and comes with an easy to read description. Many of the activities also include helpful variations to help tailor the game to fit any group no matter the size, age or skill level.
Whatever group you work with will find More Team-Building Activities for Every Group to be a valuable resource that will help turn any group into a team!

By Alanna Jones
ISBN 0966234170
Paperback - 192 pages
6 x 9 inch
Team Thumb O' War, Group "Newlywed" Game, Group Top 10 List, Discussion Gift, Learn with Legos, Candy Bar Story, Balloon Questions, Do You Have My Puzzle?, My Adjectives, Airplane Battle, Pennies for People, I'll Trade Ya!, Find Your Friend, Whose Shoes? Interview Competition, Odd or Even, The Meaning of Your Name
Bopper, Shuffle Your Buns, Give The Hat a Whack, Ground Volleyball, Clothespin Clip, Baton Pass, Scrabble Relay, Object Pass, Sticker Tag, Team Telephone Ball, Ground Tag, Train Wreck, Team Ball Tag
Lego Instructions, Message Shred, Bridge of Life, Team Tent Set Up, Turning Letters into Words, Paper Tear, Parade Float, Minefield, Potato Head, Blanket Pull, Move the Water, Stretcher Challenge, Storyboard, Lego Pair, One Dollar Challenge, Poker Challenge, Shadow Charades, Newscast, Together Tasks, Road Map, Group Clay Creations, Lego Tall Tower, Blind Money, Video Scavenger Hunt, Hula Walk, Snack Auction, Object Skit, Talk Through Target Practice, This is Your Group, Seesaw, Pipeline, Water Over the Bridge, Through The Hoop, Pencil Drop, Bridge Toss, Twinkie Tower, Team Choice, Four Corners Crossing, Heel Walk, Knot Race, Low Electric Fence, Stuck Together, People Pull, Magic Boots, Rope Knots, Mountain Top, Ball Ring, Balloon Tower, Horizontal Spider's Web, Black Hole, Sheet Scoop, Garbage Collector, Group Wheelbarrow, Up and Over, Buddy Blind Draw, Disc Walk, Team Build, Give Me My Shoes!, Party Theme, Junkyard Crossing, Dominos Fall
Penny for Your Thought, Make a Recipe, The Big Flower, The Game of Live, Encounter Clock Wise, Life Map, Bragging, Team Logo, Puzzle Collage, Bumper Sticker, Tag Team Member, Story Bracelet, Circle of Hands, Flash Cards, My Neighbor, The Open Book
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